A right relationship with food provides simple, valuable power for YOU!

Let’s explore the word “relationship” a bit and make some discoveries about ourselves. What is your relationship to food? Do you eat just to sustain your being, comfort yourself after a stressful day, or to truly improve your health?

Think about your intensity with food…is it binging on a favorite, satisfying a craving, or over indulging just because it’s available at the time? Often times, we also ignore the content of what we eat in favor of convenience…then feel guilty…vow to change, and without a plan…repeat the offense.

It then becomes the norm, a pattern, and we do not correlate the relationship of our eating habits to the inflammatory disease, immune deficiency, high blood pressure, indigestion, chronic fatigue, diabetes, heated brain syndrome, on-going fat accumulation and the list goes on and on…what is the solution?

We need a right relationship of nutrients to our body’s need. Simple, valuable power from proper nutrients gives your brain the best tools for optimal communication and construction of all body parts. This includes nerves, bones, organs, blood vessels, glands, tendons, ligaments, muscles, nails, hair and immune system.

Without a steady diet of high-quality nutrients, you are unlikely to reach your optimum health potential, energy level or immune strength your body is designed to experience. If the body is given the correct tools—it can perform miraculous feats providing simple, valuable power for regenerating and supporting health! Let’s start with the macro-nutrients found in our everyday meals through the Healthy Plate.